Drivers' Safety Training at ADAC - May 2019

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The whole company went to ADAC for a drivers' safety training. We trained extreme dangerous situations with our cars which brought us more safety in case of emergency.

At the end we discussed our experiences and went for a pleasant dinner with the team.


Our trainees attended an ice-hockey game - February 2019

Our trainees together with their supervisors atttended an ice-hockey game last Sunday.

They had fun as the Roosters could win the game 8:2 at the end of the evening.





We have a pleasant evening - January 2019

At SAFA the staff does not only work - they do also have fun together. 

The whole company went out for dinner, bowling and had a pleasant evening.





Our STAR has arrived - January 2019

Right at the beginning of the year our new machine type STAR arrived.

With this machine we work on turned parts  up to diameter 38 mm.



6. Kompetenztreffen Elektromobilität NRW - November 2018

We have a boost at "6. Kompetenztreffen Elektromobilität NRW" in Essen in November 2018. We demonstrated our products as a supplier for electromobility.



New Machine Type Biglia B465 - August 2018

With our new machine type Biglia B 465 we are able to work with rods up to 70 mm diameter. 




We have installed a highly modern filter system in our production halls that provides fresh air and a good work invironment.

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THW-Training at SAFA - Summer 2017

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One of our staff is a memeber of THW (technical assistance organisation) and has asked for our building to be used for a training.

On the fotos you can see how the situation looks like after an explosion in a machine. The THW staff are equipped with inhalation protection and enter the machinery hall. They find several injured persons and can rescue them with their heavy equipment.

SAFA had fun - March 2017

As one can see on the pictures: SAFA team had fun this evening. We went out for dinner and visited a bowling center.

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SAFA visited Dornbracht GmbH & Co.KG - March 2017

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On March 03, 2017 we visited Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG and could see the production places and learned in which luxury buildings these extraordinary faucets are installed. They also informed us abaut their latest developments. We were strongly impressed.

CuETP - a growing market for SAFA

For a while our experts are working with copper.

In the electronic industry as well as automotive branch, especially e-mobility, copper CuETP is becoming more and more important. So it is not surprising that copper belongs to our daily business.

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New Star at SAFA - March 2016

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This is our new STAR:

A CNC-Long Turning machine STAR SR-20RIV Type B was delivered yesterday.


Final exams with best success - January 2016

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Our apprentices Luis Kohlhage und Karsten Schneider (here with their instructor Florian Riese) made their final exams for "Zerspanungsmechaniker" with best success.


We are very glad that both young men have decided to stay in our company.

Hannover Fair HMI 2015

tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung HMI_1304_Speedturn(45 von 381).jpgtl_files/Groessenaenderung IMG_1186.JPGtl_files/Groessenaenderung IMG_1175.JPG

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The Hannover Fair HMI 2015 was very successful for SAFA and SPEEDTURN. We could welcome visitors from all over the world, from Asia to South America, from automotive to aerospace and aviation industry. People were interested in new technologies and even members of parliament as Mr. Dirk Wiese, as you can see on the foto above, came to our boost to get information on our SPEEDTURN service which we especially presented on Hannover Fair.



SAFA presents Speedturn-Die Drehteile Feuerwehr on Hannover Fair HMI

This year you can visit us on Hannover Fair HMI on our community booth Nordrhein-Westfalen in  

hall 16 stand A10.

We especially present our Speedturn-service.

We would be glad to meet you on our booth !!

Company trip to Wildewiese - September 2014

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The whole company went on a trip to Wildewiese. After a round tour in a wagon we met in the alp and had a funny time.


New machine arrived - August 2014

tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung DSCF2057.jpg

In August we got a new machine for the production of complex turned parts with a big diameter. The Biglia has 2 revolvers with 2 Y-axles as well as main- and opposed spindle. The machine is suitable for bars and insert parts.

2 further apprentices start their job for profession Zerspanungsmechaniker - August 2014

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Together with our new apprentices who started in August we now have 4 young men who are learning in our company to become Zerspanungsmechaniker. We wish them success and hope they enjoy their work.

January 2014 - Bowling Evening


Safa and Speedturn had a beautiful evening at Big Daddy's Bowling.

New machining center POSmill B800 - Autumn 2013

We have got a new machining center POSmill B800 for bigger parts.

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Football Game in Cologne - August 2013

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On Sunday our apprentices together with their team leaders spent an exciting day in Cologne. They visited a football game between Cologne Falcons and Kiel Baltic Hurricanes.


Pupil gets practical training for 2 weeks


One pupil from Realschule Balve gets practical training in our company. He is here for 2 weeks and gets first experiences in how to handle our special machines.

2 new apprentices in autumn 2012

2 new apprentices for the profession Zerspanungsmechaniker started their job at SAFA.

Both are from Realschule and are very engaged.

                                                   tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung Wiederbelichtung von DSCF1606.jpg

They learn quickly and can even accept responsibility.

New machine type Biglia Smart Turn autumn 2012

tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung Wiederbelichtung von DSCF1443.jpg

We have got a new machine.

It manufactures complex  turned and milled parts with double the speed as our other 5 achsle simultaneous machines.

Inno-Trans Berlin September 2012

For the first time SAFA exhibits on leading international traffic fair Inno-Trans  in our capital.

We had a very nice boost with a model railway which was very attractive for the visitors. They came from the field fittings and assembly groups and were informed about our production facilities for complex turned and milled parts.


tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung Wiederbelichtung von DSC03056.JPG

tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung Wiederbelichtung von DSC03046.JPG 

Machine Building Fair Siegen June 2012

Our staff was very busy. Especially our service SPEEDTURN was of interest at this fair.

SPEEDTURN offers extremely short delivery times, as of 24 hours, for standard  material as well as for high tech alloys, orders start with batch size 1. 

tl_files/safa/Groessenaenderung Wiederbelichtung von DSC01344 b.jpg

December 2011: NOW 5 YEARS LIABILITY

 We are proud  to inform that  we can offer on all SAFA and SPEEDTURN products a liability of 5 years.

With this service we will show our customers that they can rely on us and that we are very keen to supply always best quality. We trust in us and you can also do so.


Anniversary: 750 successful SPEEDTURN-Operations

In October SAFA celebrated an anniversary: 750 successful Fired Brigade Operations with its quick supply service  SPEEDTURN.  Since 2004 SAFA  has offered  this unique  service,  which was winner of the TURNTEC GOLDEN AWARD 2006. SPEEDTURN offers productions and delivery of turned and milled parts within 24 hours.

With 750 orders already executed by us we were able to help our customers with their delivery problems. Whether there was an imminent halt of the conveyor-belt at OEMs, or a cruise ship or  luxury hotel cannot celebrate their grand opening because of some small missing parts, SPEEDTURN is the reinsurance of all users of turning and milling parts. SPEEDTURN is the Fire Brigade of SAFA which helps immediately within 24 h in case of any shortage of products you have.


SPEEDTURN and Mechanical Engineering: EMO 2011-12-07

SAFA and mechanical engineering: that’s perfect. Mechanical engineering and plant construction with its extensive components, short delivery periods, numerous production revision and small quantities are perfect for our Task Force for turned parts. Therefore our SAFA sales personnel presented our

SPEEDTURN-Service on the world fair EMO 2011 inHannoveron 4 days. With more than 140.000 visitors of more than 100 countries and about 2.000 exhibitors of 41 countries EMO is the most important fair in this market segment and SPEEDTURN was in the middle.

ILA Berlin, International Aviation trade fair in May 2008

This year’s ILA took place on Schönefeld Airport in Berlin. The international aviation industry and its suppliers impress the specialist audience as well as the public with breathtaking flight shows from oldtimers up to modern acrobatic flights. Of course the A380 is not missing at an event like this. The whole aviation world meets here – and SaFa-Speedturn is right in the middle - this year at the shared booth of Berlin Partner of Brandenburg. Here we also met our Chancellor Dr.Angela Merkel, who paid a visit.

ILA Berlin Angela Merkel auf der ILA Berlin ILA Berlin

Day of the Business Parks on 17 May 2008

At this event different local companies present themselves related to an educational forum. Apart from introducing themselves and their portfolios, youths have the opportunity to gather information from other youths already in training about the different jobs and their everyday working life. All this is facilitated through a close co-operation of the schools with the local companies. At our booth several trainees in the field of chipping mechanics informed potential candidates about their job.

AIX Hamburg, Aircraft Interior Expo in April 2008

With more than 80 exhibitors the booth of Hanse-Aerospace is the largest at the AIX in Hamburg and SaFa - Speedturn belong to it too. Here we had a meeting with partner associations from Hungary, England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Our companies exchanged their experiences in rather relaxed talks.

With the international visitors we built up contacts as far as the Southern hemisphere.

AIX Hamburg AIX Hamburg


We started the new year with a fair right away: The NORTEC. It is a regional exhibition for specialist visitors of the metal-working industry.

“TURNTEC 2007” December 2007

Shortly before the Christmas season starts we are busy with the preparations for the last trade fair of the year: The Turntec 2007 in Frankfurt. Amidst 150 exhibitors from 12 nations we present our innovative product and service program of the turned and milled industry


“AIRTEC 2007” October 2007

Safa and Speedturn present themselves at the AIRTEC 2007. Here the engine technology from Berlin-Brandenburg is the special focus.

Speedturn auf der AIRTEC 2007

International Automobile Fair Frankfurt September 2007

Once more a trade fair of international reputation is on the agenda: the IAA. In co-operation with the Automotive Network Südwestfalen, Safa and Speedturn exhibit at the IAA in Frankfurt. Here important contacts to automobile manufacturers are developed. Especially for the "faster" automobile models it is important to supply these at short notice with turned and milled parts so that no time delays will occur.

Highlight of the IAA for us is the visit of NRW Economics Minister Christa Thoben, as shown on the subsequent photos.

Speedturn auf der IAA 2007 Besuch von NRW Wirtschaftsministerin Christa Thoben

SPEEDTURN at Paris Air Show

Still young, but already self-confident, SPEEDTURN presented itself at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget/Paris from 18 to 24 June 2007.

SPEEDTURN and Research

SPEEDTURN and SAFA actively support the research in Germany. Since April 2007 SAFA is a member in aseveral committees regarding the chipping of new materials. As of 2008, SAFA will be network partner of AiF and BMWi in a European research network with national and international universities which investigate the chipping characteristics of new materials.